Let's build a bright future, together.

Carol Parsons

for City of Waterloo Ward 7

To my neighbours,


Waterloo has been through a lot in the last few years. Much attention has focused on the LRT and its effect on the core. The process has at times been difficult. But the good news is we’re coming out of that now, making it a very exciting time for Waterloo. We have a chance to think about what kind of city we want to create. What kind of city we want to live in.


My favourite thing about living in Ward 7, apart from the excitement of the Uptown core, is that it has a bit of everything: beautiful historic neighbourhoods like Mary Allen and Old Westmount as well as vibrant communities like Luther Village, the Barrel Yards and two universities! 


The main reason I want to be your city councillor is that I would like to see a more collaborative culture take hold – one that unites Ward 7’s communities. In this time of growth and change, we can’t afford a top down approach. We need a vision for the city that is borne of consensus. 


One of the ways I see us achieving this is by consulting very seriously with community leaders – leaders of neighbourhood associations, BIA’s and community and student groups. I would bring these leaders together regularly to discuss issues and find common ground.


I hope you can join me in this plan, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible over the coming months!


Let’s build a bright future. Together. 


Want to get in touch? Send me an email at carol@carolparsons.ca.


Carol's Priorities

Carol's Priorities

Open and engaged government

Fostering a more collaborative culture by bringing community leaders together in an advisory group that will make informed recommendations to council.

Thoughtful development

Respecting the environment, conserving our heritage, and managing traffic, while ensuring a reasonable and consistent approach to development.

Inclusive and welcoming communities

Creating vibrant, connected, and engaged communities by supporting neighbourhood-driven activities and encouraging the participation of newcomers, students, and life-long residents.

Election Day is October 22

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